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    Miwok 100K Trail Race

  • race info

    Miwok 100K Trail Race

Rules, Runner Tracking, FAQ


  1. No littering. By our permit, we are not allowed to offer gels at aid stations because of the all the little package tops found on the trails after races.
  2. On your period, or think it might start on race day? Bring a few extra tampons or pads in your running pack just in case. There’s a portapotty at every aid station so we’ve got you covered there. We’ll also provide MaskIt disposal pouches at each aid station for you to grab if you think you’ll need to make a pit-stop in the woods. Please carry the pouch in your pack and throw it out at the next aid station.

  3. Runners must use the bathrooms/outhouses at all of the aid stations when nature calls. Runners violating the “no poop in the woods” policy are subject to disqualification (pee is okay). There will be rangers on the course.
  4. Sale or transfer of a bib number = permanent disqualification.
  5. Any form of aid or crewing outside of “crew-yes” aid stations = disqualification.
  6. No course cutting, including switchbacks. All runners must cross the bridge and enter Muir Beach aid station outbound and inbound.
  7. Runners must respect all cutoffs and obey race officials, park officials and CHP officers.
  8. Harassment of any kind – verbal, physical, sexual, electronic – will result in immediate removal and disqualification from the event, with forfeiture of all fees paid.
  9. PEDs – Using performance enhancing drugs is cheating. Boom – automatic DQ, forever. We reserve the right to drug test participants on a random basis.
  10. Runners do not have right-of-way over other trail users. As the Park Service puts it, “Any pushing, shoving, touching, etc. by any race participant of other park visitors can be considered an assault (by law) and can be enforced as such by park staff. Any race participant involved in any such incident will be cited and prosecuted for assault and will be disqualified from the event. Additionally, all race participants, including pacers, agree to indemnify all event organizers/volunteers against any claims arising from any such incident.”Be respectful of everybody as you stoke along the single-track (my 90-year-old mom often hikes out here; be careful and kind when passing anyone on the trail.)

Runner Tracking

We use professional chip-timing with timing mats at various locations along the course. Runner timing and race day tracking can be found at Negative Split Racing - https://negativesplitrunning.com/

This link will be updated with a direct link to the 2020 Miwok data in late April, 2020.


Will there be cups at the aid stations?

No, please bring your own cup for use at aid stations; there will be no paper cups available. This has worked great for the past decade, preventing over 4,000 cups from going into the landfill each year. Find a cup now and practice carrying and drinking from it. We will have cups at the finish area, because you will be too tired to get up and refill the one you brought with chocolate milk.

What if there are last-minute course changes?

Any course changes will be posted here, and announced through social media, and emails, as timing allows.

What will the weather be like?

The weather will be “perfect”: Race day can be hot and sunny, cool and foggy, drizzling, torrential, muddy or a combination of ALL of the above! Sunscreen is advisable; so is a light jacket. And a hat.

Do I need a headlamp?

YES. It will be pitch dark when you start so you’ll need a headlamp or decent flashlight for the first 75 minutes up the trail, since dawn is not until 6:00-ish. Put your name on it (duct tape) before race day. We’ll have a “light box” at Muir Beach for you to drop it in. The headlamps/lights will be near the goodie bags at the finish area for you to retrieve yours. Do not drop a valuable light into the light box; put it in your drop bag at TV.

What’s the final cutoff?

You have 15 hours and 30 minutes (8:30 p.m., due to Park Regulations) to get the job done, and must abide by cutoffs enforced by aid station personnel. No early starts are permitted.

Are poles allowed?

Poles aren't super useful on the Miwok terrain, but they are allowed. However, you must carry them from start to finish if you choose to bring them. No poles are allowed in dropbags, and your crew cannot take them from you or give them to you mid-course.

Poison Oak? Bees?

If you have a reaction to poison oak or bees (other than the usual: Run Away!!!), please bring medication as these Elements of Nature have been known to be found outdoors. We do offer a Tecnu washing station at the Finish for you to remove the poison oak oils before heading home.

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