thanks to volunteers

Our featured volunteer this month is Stan Jensen. Stan manages the ultra-useful website, as well as having managed the Miwok 100K website for as long as it has been around. Stan is also a co-director of the H.U.R.T. 100 in Hawaii.

Stan is Aid Station Captain at Miwok’s Tennessee Valley Aid Station and has weathered many changes to the race over the years. He’s always got a smile on his face, a word of support for the Race Director, and has helped countless runners cross the finish line at Miwok, Western States and more.


Big thanks to our 2015 Captains and Clubs, along with all the fantastic 2015 volunteers:
Course-marking: Florencia Gascon-Amyx
Muir Beach: Fred Liebes and Charlene Bayles
Tennessee Valley: Stan Jensen
Bridge View: Ana Braga-Levaggi, Tamalpa
Cardiac: Alex Varner and Jorge Maravilla, SF Running Company
Bolinas Ridge: Franz and Jennifer Dill, Coastside Running Club
Randall: Chuck Wilson
Finish: Jim Richards, Excelsior
RD Assistant: Ken Preston