park service rules

  1. Littering will get you DQd.

  2. Runners do not have precedence over other trail users. Be respectful of everybody as you stoke along the single-track. Or, as the Park Service puts it: Any pushing, shoving, touching, etc. by any race participant of other park visitors can be considered an assault (by law) and can be enforced as such by park staff. Any race participant involved in any such incident will be cited and prosecuted for assault and will be disqualified from the event. Additionally, all race participants agree to indemnify all event organizers/volunteers against any claims arising from any such incident.

  3. Runners must use the bathrooms/outhouses at all of the aid stations when nature calls. Runners violating the “no poop in the woods” policy are subject to disqualification (pee is okay). There will be rangers on the course.

  4. Obey Rangers, Highway Patrol, Aid Station Captains when they ask you to do something. Our permit relies on your gracious cooperation, respect for the trail, and kind treatment of all trail users.