parking + check-in + pacer info

                                    Parking and Check-in

May 7: 4:00 a.m. – 4:45 a.m. at the Stinson Beach Community Center – You must check in on race morning before 4:45 a.m. Make sure you bring your own cup; there will be no paper cups at aid stations. Getting to the Parking Lot – CARPOOLS highly recommended: it’s a twisty, windy mountain road so do allow ample time to arrive by 4:00 a.m. To map from your location to the parking lot, input 15 Marine Way, Stinson Beach, CA. Parking is at the same location as 2015: At the north end of the town of Stinson Beach, turn left off Highway 1 into the Park. Go past the parking kiosk all the way to the dirt lot at the end and park as directed. Be sure to allow enough time to walk from parking to the start, 4/10 of a mile. Parking Lot to Stinson Beach Community Center: Walk back along the parking lot entrance road a few 100 yards and turn right across a short bridge at the Parkside Cafe. Go straight one block to Hwy 1. Turn right and walk through town, turn left onto Belvedere at the Fire Station.

Portable Toilets

There will be two portapotties in the dirt parking lot that I highly recommend you visit; you’ll be happy to have taken care of business right after you park (with less waiting in line). There will be eight portables near the race start. Do not use the parking lot, bushes or beach as your toilet (ewww!); our permits depend on your responsible choices.


Pacers are allowed to run you in from Randall Aid Station, 13 miles to the finish. Please ask your pacer to carpool with other pacers/crews if at all possible. Your pacer will need to sign a waiver at Randall prior to leaving with you. By starting the race, you assume all responsibility for your pacer. Pacers must carry a hydration bottle or pack, and are welcome to food and fluids at Bolinas Ridge Aid Station.